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Handcrafted in The Netherlands with high-quality natural ingredients

Durable, providing more than 8 hours of continuous wear.

Unique blends designed to evoke
cherished memories and emotions

A personal fragrance journey


Discover the perfect fragrances to elevate your scent game or to gift to your dear ones.



Step into Bellekin's enchanting world, where fragrances evoke cherished memories. Crafted by visionary founder NIKA, each scent is a luxurious treasure named after a beloved family member. These emotional symphonies celebrate love, connection, and life's defining moments. NIKA's journey from Armenian floral landscapes to bustling European metropolis inspires these scents. As she embraces her second life chapter, her passion for flowers, scents, and family infuse every Bellekin creation. For dreamers who seek life's finer things, our fragrances transport you to special moments, reinforcing love and connection. Bellekin: not just a fragrance brand, but a portal to nostalgia and luxury. Immerse in our personal fragrance journey.

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Escape the ordinary and embrace theextraordinary with NIKA

Experience the bold and captivating scent of NIKA by Bellekin. The smokey and mysterious aroma of Tobacco is perfectly balanced by the sensual and alluring notes of Patchouli, creating a fragrance that embodies the strength, freedom, and creativity of our founder Nika. As you wear NIKA, let it remind you of the journey of self-discovery and maturation, just like Nika's own journey. NIKA by Bellekin, a scent that represents the essence of self-discovery and maturation.

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Sisterhood, captured in a bottle with ANNI

Introducing ANNI, a captivating scent that embodies the essence of sisterhood and kindness. The sweetness of Amber is perfectly balanced with the invigorating freshness of Mint, while the fiery spiciness of Pepper adds depth and complexity. Together, these elements create a fragrance that is both unique and universally appealing, capturing the spirit of the youngest sister and her unwavering kindness and understanding. ANNI is a fragrance that will inspire you to embrace your own inner strength and grace.

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Unlock the power of unconditional love with INNA

Introducing INNA, the embodiment of unconditional love and support. Captivating Jasmine, symbolizing the "gift of god" in Persian, sets the tone for this scent, paying homage to the role of the caring sister in Nika's life. Blended with the soft yet intense notes of saffron and the grounding undertones of amber wood, INNA personifies the unwavering bond of family. Indulge in the essence of love and support with every spritz of INNA.

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Embrace the warmth of a mother'slove with NARA

Introducing NARA, a timeless and captivating scent from Bellekin. This luxurious fragrance is an ode to motherly love, precious and divine. The heart of NARA is spiced by Sage, a strong and pure scent reminiscent of a mother's embrace, evoking warmth and comfort. The top notes of hand-picked Daffodil and Rosewood add a touch of feminine passion and sweet delicacy, making NARA a true work of art in both form and fragrance. Indulge in the essence of motherly love with Bellekin's NARA, a scent that will envelop you in memories and emotions.

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