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Lash Repair Serum


Your lashes need repairing. Whether it is from makeup, rubbing your eyes or dust particles in the air: your eyelashes get dirty and most importantly, damaged. Eyelashes are not just here to give you a sultry look, they also protect your eyes from life.

Our lash repair lotions is a multifunctional lotion that repairs, protects and grows your natural eyelashes. It is a serum and primer in one. The unique formula will penetrate the lashes into the roots to stimulate growth and the renewal of hair follicles. Meanwhile your lashes get a healing keratin treatment to bring back softness, shine and strength.

Use twice daily for the best results.

How to use:

  1. Twist to distribute product
  2. Use the silicon applicator to apply to the lashes
  3. Optionally: use a spoolie to comb through the lash hairs

Lash Repair Serum

  • Are Bellekin products vegan?

    We are proud to say that we are both vegan and cruelty free, as wel as hypoallergenic. We demand our products to be inclusive and safe for all of our customers.

  • Where are Bellekin products produced?

    All of our products are produced withing the EU. This ensures the highest quality for products, safe work environments and the use of approved ingredients.

  • Can I sell Bellekin in my store?

    Yes! All of our products can be distributed world wide. In addition, we also offer trainings of all our treatments, so you too can become a certified Bellekin Beautician.

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  • Does Bellekin ship internationally?

    Of course! We even offer free international shipping on all orders above €70. Only the best for our customers.