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Bellekin: Our Heritage

Bellekin originated from the French word ‘Belle’, meaning Beauty and the English word ‘Kin’, meaning familiar or family. We are familiar to beauty, as our founder Nika has traveled the world to experience all of the beauty the world has to offer. It’s our goal to create a “family of beauty lovers”, which are our Bellekin customers and community.



After a first venture into high-end PR and Media, our founder Nika experienced the low quality of eyelash extensions available in The Netherlands and felt that there must be better. She found an amazing Canadian manufacturer offering the highest quality lashes and glues, which she introduced in The Netherlands and which changed the Dutch eyelash extensions industry. She became a Master Trainer herself in both eyelash treatments, as well as brow treatments, and has trained over 700 beauty salons from The Netherlands, Germany and Belgium with her team.

Nika has traveled the world to try so many products and experienced the diversity of beauty treatments in all continents, all with the goal to find the best quality of the top laboratories that the cosmetics industry has to offer and combine this in one brand: Bellekin

The brand will start with the focus on the best natural features every woman has: Brows, Lashes and Lips. Bellekin offers both salon trainings for treatments, as well as styling & care products for at home. 

“When you travel and meet women from all cultures and countries, you can see that we have one motivation which unites us as women: we all want to feel beautiful, as beauty increases our self-confidence. Whether we achieve this through cosmetics, treatments, injectables or surgery: we women all strive to be the best version of ourselves. This strive is familiar for all of us, this strive makes us women come together as family, a family of beauty: Bellekin. This is why it has become my goal to empower women through high quality products that enhance our natural beauty. I am proud to be able now to help women around the world to become more confident and more of themselves."

Dear women of the world, enjoy the Bellekin products & treatments and please do not hesitate to contact me directly when you have questions, remarks, feedback or just want to connect.

We are family now.