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Become a Bellekin Professional!

Bellekin was originally founded to create salon products. Therefor our products are of the highest quality, to treat clients with the best and most beautiful results. In the process of growing in the Brow and Lash Lift industry, we have found a love for consumer products. But our passion for beauty treatments remains, as you can experience with our amazing lip treatment!

Are you interested in distributing Bellekin products, offering your clients Bellekin Treatments, or do you want to become an Ambassador for the brand? 

Fill in the contact form down below so we can get in contact. 


Bellekin is always looking for new partners to become training locations for our treatments to salons in your area. Our Master Trainers have more than 6 years of experience in training salons in Europe and are traveling the world frequently . You too can become a certified Bellekin Beautician with a professional training that lasts only hours, but will guarantee the experience of a lifetime. 

Academy proposal

✓ Earn extra income as an official Bellekin Trainer
✓ Easy bookings via our Bellekin booking system
✓ 20% off Bellekin products for reselling
✓ Access to most innovative beauty products
✓ Commission Scheme Earnings
✓ Exclusive Academy logo

Contact us via the contact form above or email us for more information. We'd love to get in contact with you!


Bellekin is open for distribution worldwide. All of our products are easy to use and designed to fit a busy and high quality lifestyle. They are proven to have long hold and longevity in their usage; your clients will love Bellekin!

Distributor proposal

✓ Distribute Bellekin products in your country with good margins
✓ Amaze your customers with the most innovative beauty products
✓ Strong Marketing & Sales support for your market
✓ Share Best Practices with other Distributors to strengthen your company

Are you excited to start selling the new biggest thing in beauty? Contact us via the contact form above or email at for more information. 


Are you a beauty/lifestyle influencer or a blogger and looking for an extra revenue stream? Become an ambassador and earn commission on the products you love! 

Ambassador proposal

✓ 15% off Bellekin products for yourself
✓ 20% off Bellekin trainings
✓ VIP access to Bellekin Events
✓ Commission Scheme Earnings
✓ Exclusive Brand Ambassador logo

Do you want to become part of our ambassadors programme? Email us to become a part of the Bellekin family!


Terms & Conditions apply.