Development & Training of Beauty Professionals

Bellekin for professionals

Bellekin was originally founded to create high quality and responsible beauty
products for use by beauticians.
In a short time Bellekin has been able to support a large and active community of
talented beauticians. The Bellekin team provides our professional customers with
great beauty treatment tools and also great products for consumers to use at home. We are currently very proud of our Collagen & BB Lip Therapy; a therapy that embraces the lips, boosts collagen production, enhances lip color and gives lips extra volume.

Bellekin is a brand created by women, for women. With a heart for beauty and
passion for entrepreneurship. We look forward to welcoming you to our community!


Bellekin academy
Training based on the Bellekin core values ​​of safety, transparency and quality. We
are passionate about beauty, teaching and facilitating the growth of our clients. Our Master Trainers have years of experience. With a wide knowledge of beauty around the world, they are happy to welcome you into the family wherever you are in the world.
Interested in becoming a Bellekin Academy?
✓ Extra income as an official Bellekin Trainer
✓ Easy bookings through our Bellekin booking system
✓ Discount on Bellekin Resale Products
✓Access to most innovative beauty products
✓ Income from commission scheme
✓ Exclusive Academy Logo to use in your own marketing


Bellekin Trainings
Brow Lift training
Brow Lift treatments are extremely popular. With this technique you permanently
style the eyebrows and create that fluffy or flakey look. The Bellekin Brow Lift
treatment ensures that stiff and unmanageable eyebrow hairs stay in the right
direction. This gives the effect as if the eyebrows have been freshly combed. The
Brow Lift is also a keratin spa treatment for the eyebrows to nurture and nourish in
the best possible way.

Lash Lift & Brow Lift Combi training
Looking for a quick start in the high end Beauty Industry? Join a Bellekin Lash &
Brow Lift training. We will train you on two treatments in just 1 day. During the Combi training you will learn how to perform an eyebrow lift and an eyelash lifting treatment in a professional manner, which can even be combined in one session.

Lip Collagen Therapy training
During this course you will quickly and professionally learn everything all about this special lip treatment to thoroughly hydrate, care for and stimulate the body's own collagen production, so that the lips can become fuller, healthier and more beautiful in color and shine.
Bellekin Lip Collagen treatment is applied with in-house developed serums,
equipment and care products. You do not need any previous education for this


Do you want to sell Bellekin products in your salon or webshop?

Or even become a Bellekin distributor or Academy?
Please contact us by email or telephone.
The Bellekin team is also available to answer your questions, 7 days a week!



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